Mark your calendars for the “Divided Hearts of America” FREE MOVIE event!  This film will be shown once on February 11th, 2024 at 2 pm at the Hastings Museum Theatre, 1330 N Burlington Ave in Hastings.  Doors will open 15 minutes prior.

Abortion in America has been a hot topic issue for decades. If you’ve ever wrestled with the abortion debate, Divided Hearts of America is a must-see. With more than 30 insightful interviews by Super Bowl Champion, Benjamin Watson, this documentary seeks to bring humanity and understanding to both sides of the story.

The film thoughtfully explores the questions that have divided the United States, such as, “When does life begin?” and “Are the unborn human?”   Watson spends time talking to those who both agree and disagree with him.  Watson doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations that sometimes come up in the abortion debate, such as pregnancies resulting from rape and babies who manage to survive abortion procedures.

It will be impossible not to be moved, no matter your personal view.

Join us!

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