This will be the most important election of our lifetime because abortion will be directly on every voter’s ballot like never before.

The ballot initiative being circulated by abortion advocacy groups to create a right to late-term abortion in the Nebraska Constitution is the single greatest threat to parental rights, the health and safety of women, and the protection of innocent babies our state has ever seen.

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But now, instead of the abortion industry’s extreme proposal, which grants the abortionist sole authority to determine fetal viability and allows minors to obtain an abortion without parental notification, voters may have a second option on their ballot.

A new ballot initiative called “Protect Women and Children” has been released that seeks to amend the Nebraska Constitution to create a constitutional protection for preborn children in the second and third trimesters. 

This initiative establishes a floor of protection, not a ceiling, meaning preborn children must, at a minimum, be protected by the second trimester, and stronger pro-life laws could still be passed going forward. If passed, Nebraska would be the first state in the nation to provide constitutional protection to preborn children in a state constitution.

This is consistent with what our legislature passed last year to prohibit abortion at 12 weeks and would ensure that our existing pro-life laws remain in place while we continue working to create a culture of life that provides love and support to every mother and child.

Nebraska must be the state to turn the tide and stop the abortion industry’s momentum. 

In Ohio, a state with all-Republican federal representatives and a pro-life super majority in their state legislature, a pro-abortion initiative to create a right to abortion passed by 13 percentage points despite pro-life groups spending $35 million in a well-organized opposition campaign.

After 50 years of Roe, our culture has been badly damaged. We must remain united in our efforts to defeat the pro-abortion initiative, keep extreme abortion policies out of our state constitution, and protect the pro-life laws we have fought for years to pass while continuing our work to create a state where every life is cherished and protected.

We will keep you informed as more information and volunteer opportunities become available.

Where there are great challenges, there are also great opportunities, and together, we can advance a culture of life, defeat the abortion industry, and help full families thrive.